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The Graduate Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries at Tajen University was established in 2010. It is the first in-service master’s program in the cultural creative industries offered by TVE (Technical and Vocational Education) universities in Pingtung.

The institute adheres to two ideas of the University’s development plan – to cultivate local communities and to encourage students’ endeavors in linking up with the world. We are located in the southern most point of Taiwan, where the Hakka and aboriginal cultural heritage abounds. The institute aims to offer a cross-disciplinary academic program in line with the development of the cultural and artistic activities of South Taiwan and the cultural tourism trend of the leisure industry.

The institute’s main development focus is to the creative lifestyle industry, one of the 16 key industries laid out in the Law for the Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries by the Ministry of Culture. By applying theories from the cultural and creative industries, it aims to nurture professionals, who have a compassionate, innovative and community spirit, in planning, implementing, marketing, and promoting regional cultural industries and to seeing them go global.


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